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How to Play and Download

RummyCulture Cash Game Download apk – Play Rummy Game Free

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Here’s what you get on this best Rummy app! :-

Why play Rummy on Rummyculture? :

Join our diverse community of more than 5 lakh players and get the best-in-class online rummy playing experience anytime, anywhere.

Special benefits :

Register & get Rs.300 Bonus by claiming your free rewards daily.

Offer Construct :

Add cash amount Free Bonus Bonus up to Instant Cash
Rs.50 to Rs.499 200% Rs.1,000 Rs.10
Rs.500 to Rs.2999 200% Rs.6,000 Rs.50
Rs.3000+ 200% Rs.15,000 Rs.200

Terms and Conditions :

1. First-time users with a new phone number and email id will be considered as new.

2. Your 1st add cash should be within 24 hours of registration to avail the offer. After 24 hours, the offer will not be valid for you.

3. Registrations through the app will only be considered as valid users.

4. T&C of the same can be updated anytime during the offer period. When you add cash to your RummyCulture account, you will be eligible to receive the corresponding reward.

5. RummyCulture holds the rights to modify, change, or terminate any part of the contest at any time.

6. For any query, you can get in touch with our customer support.

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Withdraw Instantly :

Transfer winnings to your bank account Instantly

Get 30% Extra Bonus :

Every time you add cash, for lifetime

Best Customer Support :

Available in 5 languages, for all players

World class security :

Your money, data & identity are 100% secure

How to play online Rummy for free? :

Playing games online can be fun and challenging, especially card games such as rummy which require a good amount of focus and skill. It can be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

You can play at any time of the day and with people from all over the country. However, many new players are apprehensive about registering on online gaming websites as they fear their personal details will be used by cyber criminals in phishing attacks or identity fraud.

RummyCulture is the safest platform for online rummy and is trusted by more than 5 lakh players across India. Playing on RummyCulture is 100% safe as the platform is built with the best in class security services, insuring security of your data, money and identity. You can register for absolutely free and enjoy playing free practice games and tournaments before you move to playing cash rummy games.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of registering on RummyCulture.

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1. Reliability

When you register on RummyCulture, you should be assured that all your details are safe and secure. The services offered by the platform will also always be up to the mark.

2. Customer Support

If you have any query or face any difficulties while playing Rummy on RummyCulture, you can contact the customer support to resolve your issues instantly.The support is multilingual and is available 24*7.

3. Multiple Banking Options

If you decide to play cash rummy games, then you need to add cash to your RummyCulture account. Multiple payment gateways such as Paytm, Mobikwik, UPI, etc are made available to make quick and secure payments.

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4. Highest Welcome Bonus

RummyCulture offers the highest welcome bonus Up to Rs. 5250 to its new users. All you need to do is to register and add cash for the first time.

Now that you know the advantages of registering on RummyCulture, download the app now and start playing your favorite rummy games for free.

Rummy culture provides one of the best rummy cash game platforms in India. The company has a wide range of bonuses and promotions. The bonuses you can enjoy as a player on the rummy culture platform are:


APK Download

This bonus is available for new customers only. After your registration, if you are deposit (or add) 50 rupees or more to your account, you qualify for this first deposit bonus. With a 50 rupees deposit, you will get instant 250 rupees in your bonus account and a free 50 rupees cash in your account.

How to win real cash on RummyCulture?

If you want to earn while playing Rummy with your circle of friends, then download RummyCulture apk to play your favourite rummy games.

One of the best things about playing rummy on this platform is that you can win real cash online instantly. RummyCulture offers a range of different offers and promotions on a daily basis that come with their own cash bonuses and prizes. This makes it easier for players to earn great amounts of money and supplement their income with ease!

Other bonuses can also help you gain more money. For instance, the welcome bonus is worth upto Rs.5,250 and all players who add cash into their accounts for the first time can get this. The booster bonus awards upto Rs.2,375 and also Rs.150 free cash.

So, if you are wondering if there is any way to turn your hobby of Rummy into something that can help you earn money, then this is the answer for you! Download the RummyCulture app and start playing!

Best rummy app to Earn Money with your circle of friends

If you are looking for a rummy app to play your favorite card game, then look no further than RummyCulture! The app offers a variety of fabulous free games and is used by millions of Indians all over the country. If you are looking for a fantastic app where you can earn money while playing Cash Rummy games with your circle of friends, then RummyCulture app is all you need. The following are some of the biggest advantages that one gets while playing rummy on RummyCulture!

Refer a friend and Earn up to Rs.20,000 on RummyCulture

You can download the app for free! :

APK Download

There are many apps out there that offer the opportunity to earn money online, but they also fall under the category of paid apps, making them unsuitable for many people. This is not the case with RummyCulture. You can download our highly popular rummy app for free and start playing Rummy now!

How to win cash prizes on RummyCulture?

In order to win cash prizes on RummyCulture, you must:

  • Register on RummyCulture.
  • Log into your account when you want to play.
  • Join the tournaments or cash rummy games of your choice.
  • Add cash or play for free.
  • Compete with your fellow players to win big cash rewards, bonuses, smartphones, etc.

Rummy is a game that requires skills and your ability to win will largely be determined by how well you understand the basic rules of the game! If you are looking for a great app that you and your circle of friends can join to play rummy online, then RummyCulture is the right one for you!

Indian Rummy Game | Rules and Variants :

A variant of original Rummy, Indian Rummy is a highly popular game loved by people of all ages. At parties, this game often emerges as the highlight of the gathering. Whether you’re playing with a group of novices at their first card party, or experts who’ve been at it for years, you can always hope to win if you understand the basic Indian Rummy rules. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the increasingly popular Indian Rummy Game, including its formats, how to win, and basic rules!

Indian Rummy Formats :

There are two main formats of Indian Rummy. In 21 cards Rummy, each player plays with 21 cards, while in 13 cards rummy, each player is given 13 cards. As the latter has fewer cards, it makes for a fast paced game, which is why this is a more popular format of the game. After all, more games translate to more chances of winning and who wants to say no to that!

Indian Rummy Game Terminology :

In case you are a novice, Indian Rummy can seem a bit confusing. This is not because the game is hard to understand, but because you are not aware of the terminology of the game. So, if you’re planning to play Indian Rummy online, you must first get a bit familiar with the vocabulary. Click here to familiarize yourself with the common terminologies.

Indian Rummy Rule :

Indian Rummy Rules are fairly simple to understand. The objective of both variants of Indian Rummy is to arrange the cards in a proper sequence and sets in order to make a valid declaration.

21 Cards Rummy :

21 Card Rummy is played with three decks. To make a valid declaration you need three pure sequences with other cards arranged in valid sets and sequences.

The jokers are used to substitute the missing cards while forming sets and sequences. There are other Joker cards apart from the normal joker called value cards. These value cards are cut joker (card that is selected as Joker), upper joker (one rank above cut joker), lower joker (one rank below cut joker). These cards can substitute the missing cards.

Tunnela & Dublee: Tunnela and Dublee are two types of melds that are  used in 21 car rummy variant. A combination of 3 cards of the same rank and same suit is called Tunnela. A combination of 2 cards of the same rank and same suit is known as Dublee. In order to win a game you need the following arrangement :

  1. 3 Pure Sequences & remaining cards arranged in sequences or sets.
  2. 3 Tunnelas of separate groups. You don’t have to arrange the rest of the cards in sets or sequence.
  3. 8 Dublees of separate groups. You don’t have to arrange the rest of the cards in sets or sequence.
  4. 8 Jokers in a single group. You don’t have to arrange the rest of the cards in sets or sequence.

How are winnings calculated? :

Winning amount = Total score of the winner including the points settled for value card score X Rupee value of point – RummyCulture Fee

13 Cards Rummy :

The objective of 13 cards rummy game is to arrange the cards in valid sets and sequences. To make a valid declaration you need a compulsory pure sequence along with an impure sequence and sets. Since 13 cards game is more popular due to its fast pace, we have elaborated the format here.

Now that you know the basics of the game, you can download and play Indian Rummy Online and start winning! Remember to pick a game in 13 cards format for a fast and fun game!

5 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money on RummyCulture :

Welcome Bonus

When you decide to play rummy online for cash, you will have to invest in your card playing skills. At RummyCulture, we want you to feel motivated to play and so we give you a Welcome Bonus of Rs. 5250 when you register. You also get an additional of Rs. 300 in instant cash. This will improve your confidence to learn the rummy online cash game and hence earn more.


Another very lucrative way of earning money on RummyCulture is to participate in our tournaments. This might take some amount of practice before you attempt it for the first time but it is completely worth it. You stand to win bigger sums because there are players who participate with real money. Once you are familiar with how tournaments work, the rummy online cash game will open up to you in a completely different way. RummyCulture organises tournaments that are fast-paced and multi-level, which makes it a thrilling experience for players.

Same-Day Cash Withdrawals

Earnings that are stuck on a platform cannot be called earnings in the true sense unless you have constant access to it. RummyCulture is aware of this fact, which is why any player can request for withdrawals at any time and if it is before 3 pm, the request to withdraw your winnings from your rummy online cash games will be processed within the same day. This includes weekends and bank holidays too.

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Attractive Bonuses

When playing cash rummy online, one of the strongest motivators for regular players are the bonuses they can receive. On RummyCulture, during the Super Special Bonus, you can get an unlimited bonus for an unlimited number of times by adding money to your account. There is also a Booster Bonus Delight, which is a slab system with varying percentages of bonuses that you receive on your deposit. We keep adding more bonuses, so don’t forget to keep checking back!

Seasonal Tournaments

This is where the biggest amount of money can be won by playing online rummy for cash. You have to keep an eye out for these events in the ‘Tournaments’ tab after your sign in to RummyCulture. If you know there is one coming up, then you must practice for it and improve your skills in order to stand a higher chance at winning.

It is obvious to see why you should register on RummyCulture right away. You have assured a superior gaming experience with exciting offers and many opportunities to make real money online, so sign up and start earning today!

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Ways You Can Make Money :

Refer a friend and earn up to Rs.20,000 on RummyCulture

If you are looking for a way to play card games and win real cash, rummy is a great option for you. All you need is a basic Internet connection and a browser or mobile phone to be able to play rummy online for real money. When you sign up on RummyCulture, you will discover that it is a very stable platform on which you can play online rummy for cash.

Rummy Culture – Refer and Earn

Another aspect that makes RummyCulture a very popular site to play rummy online for real cash are our great bonuses, transparency, user-friendly interface and standardised guidelines within which the game is played. You do not have to be a highly skilled player to join RummyCulture. Whatever level you are at, you can practice daily in our free arenas with similarly skilled players in order to get better. Read more to discover the different ways in which you can earn money on RummyCulture.


Playing the rummy game for fun or for money? Well, you need to understand how the game is played and how to know when you have actually won the game, right? The rummy game on the Rummy culture platform is not different from the traditional offline rummy game that you already know. The only difference is the fact that you will need a smartphone or a desktop computer to play online rummy on rummy culture.

How does a player win a rummy culture?

Winning a rummy game is very simple, all you need do is to be the first player to discard all their card. Well, in order for you to discard all your cards, you will need some skill set, or be better a player than your opponent. Some of these skill sets are:

1. Con your opponent

Tricking your opponent into thinking you have been dealt terrible cards is a way of playing on their intelligence and hence winning the game quickly.

2. Decipher your opponent

In the game of rummy, the idea is to quickly discard high-value cards so that you don’t get caught and lose, but if your opponent is holding onto high-value cards, they may have some skills sets up their sleeves. You should also hold onto them as long as your opponent is holding them. Never lose focus when playing rummy.

3. Use the information on the discard section

The discard section of an online rummy has more information for players than the table itself. Use the information there to play your game and you will end up winning the game.


Withdrawing money from your Rummy Culture account is a lightning-fast operation. The truth is, Rummy Culture claims to pay you your money instantly and you will be notified by your bank in less than 30 seconds if your bank supports IMPS transfers.

But the above is when you already understand how to get your money out of your Rummy Culture account into your bank account. The question this article answer is how do you go about removing or withdrawing your money from your rummy culture account and make it spendable.

How to Withdrawal – Rummy Culture

How to Withdraw :

The first step in withdrawing your money is to first log into your rummy culture account from your mobile phone app or from your desktop. When you are in (After entering your username and password and clicking log in), you will be on the dashboard of the rummy culture interface. Simply click on your name to go to the “my profile” section. There you will find your deposit balance, your withdrawable balance, and your non-withdrawable balance, all sitting in your account.

To withdraw, scroll down to “withdrawals” and click on “New Request”.

Your withdrawable balance will be sitting atop the new page. Simply fill the form by completing the amount you wish to withdraw, your bank account details, and so on then hit the “submit” button.

You will be taken to the withdrawal history page where your withdrawal will be processing and will also be completed almost instantly if your bank supports the 30 seconds transfer.

APK Download

NOTE: You will not be able to withdraw if you are yet to complete your KYC information.

Note: – इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम शामिल हे। इस गेम की लत लग सकती हे। कृपया अपनी जिम्मेदारी खेले। Only 18 +

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